Sunday, August 7, 2011


So as I am writing this, the first recipe I was going to post is in the oven.  It's orange scones (recipe from Sugarcrafter), slightly modified to be dairy-free and to have an orange glaze on them.  I use the past tense (as in, "WAS going to post") because I have managed to screw up the very first thing I was going to put on my blog.

Impressive, isn't it?  Really makes you want to trust me and read more, right?

So I am busily mixing away, having all kinds of fun thoughts about what I might have to say, and thinking about pictures I could take, and I am aaaalllll kinds of impressed with myself-- "I'm pretty clever, look at my beautiful scones, aren't I a genius for identifying the 'shaggy' stage of dough, look how pretty they are," et cetera, et cetera.  I get to the point where I have shaped the dough, put it in the freezer, and I am starting to put the ingredients away, when I realize that I am holding an ingredient in my hand that I definitely did NOT put in the dough.  I stop, re-check the recipe, and realize that I am a complete moron.

I forgot to put sugar in my scones.

So, c'est la vie, right?  I was never going to be one of those people who only posted the best recipes-- I feel like if a recipe is too complicated, or it doesn't turn out well, then those things are just as interesting in their own way as the recipes that are truly awesome.  So here I am-- forgotten sugar and all.  In my defense, it has been a long time since I've done something that ridiculous.  I am actually pretty nervous about sending my words out into the interwebs, which is a fairly major distraction. :)

They LOOK like scones...but do they TASTE like scones?

Things about me: I teach, I am a graduate student, I am a wife and a mother.  I bake because it is fun for me, which a lot of people don't get.  I am sure there is a psychological study to be done that correlates the pleasure you get from baking with having control over your environment-- I am Type A, and I don't relinquish control easily or well.  I am about to turn 30.  It's freaking me out.  I feel like my friends are tired of seeing pictures of my cupcakes on Facebook, so I decided to start this blog instead.  I'm not sure what will actually come of it, but we'll see, right?  Right.  :)

UPDATE:  Ok, so they look great, they are glazed...and they totally taste like biscuits.  Weird, orange-y biscuits.  With sugar on them.  Oh well.  Hopefully the three-year-old will like them. :)
Final Verdict:  Baker Error. :)

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  1. Love the blog Nicole! Love your voice. Love your honesty. You go girl!